Our staff understands and values how important and tender relationships can be between people and their pets. Safety is our

top priority. Our reasonable rates fall well below other walking services.


Dog walking and pet sitting services are available each day of the year, including holidays, 7am - 10pm, Monday through



The summer of 1997 is when it all began.  Cathy’s son, Chris, who was 13 years old at the time started the business walking

the neighbor’s dog over the summer.  Word of mouth quickly spread and soon it was a mom and son team.  As school and

sports resumed in the fall Cathy took over and now the business is over 10 years old -- that’s 70+ in dog years!

Cathy Menard, Proprietor

I am the owner of The Urban Dog plus have two dogs of my own.  I have a wonderful adult son.  I reside in Minneapolis and

enjoy being with the dogs and cats each day while exploring the great neighborhoods of Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding



I am living my passion for pets and gain tremendous satisfaction by making sure they remain healthy and happy while their

human companions must be away.  Animals have such special souls and I feel so fortunate to spend a part of each day with


Who Uses Us

Our clients are diverse in nature.  We work with dogs and cats of every size and breed and people with every lifestyle and

need. If there is a need, we’re happy to oblige in any way we can.


We visit with dogs that need some extra attention because their owners are working long hours. Pets that don’t travel well and

need a some TLC while their owners are away. We visit pets whose owners may have fallen ill, or pets whose owners may

not be sure-footed on icy Minneapolis sidewalks.

• Business travelers

• Sports events

• Vacationers

• Medical emergencies

• Family gatherings

• Film crews


• Pet Connections Radio AM950

• Founding member of PetPAC

• Member of PSI, Pet Sitters International

• Bonded and insured