Customize your pet's day


Dogs need friends, too. Being out and

interacting with other friendly dogs and people

provides your companion with mental and physical

stimulation. When you aren’t able to be around, we

provide a bright spot in his day.


Affection, safety and happy conversation are a

natural part of each visit with your pet. Dogs that

are social and energetic, ones that need to shed

a few pounds, dogs with age, health or other

limitations...we can create special adventures

upon request.



Neighborhood walk  20–30 minute walk.

Field trip Half day (3 hours) or full day of multiple walks and visits with other canine pals.

Backyard visit  10 minute potty break in the yard.


Monthly rates (minimum 3 days a week)


                                                  5 days                     4 days                      3 days

Neighborhood walk                260.00                    220.00                      180.00

Field trip- half                          290.00                    260.00                      210.00

Field trip- full                           320.00                    280.00                      240.00

Add $40 for each additional dog.


Daily rates (limited to 2 visits a week)

                                                1 dog                          2 dogs                       3+ dogs

Backyard visit                       10.00                          13.00                         15.00

Neighborhood walk              12.00                          15.00                         18.00

Field trip- half                        15.00                          18.00                         21.00

Field trip- full                         20.00                          24.00                         28.00


Meals, exercise, medication administration,

clean litter boxes and affection are all parts of

the pet-sit package. We will also bring in the

mail/newspapers and turn on/off the lights to

give your home an occupied look. Call for rates

if the pets of friends or relatives also will be

staying in your home. 


$40 – full-day

$20 – half-day

Includes up to four visits daily, each ranging from 20-30 minutes in length. Will also

board at my house. Fees are the same whether dogs are at your home or at Cathy’s




$15 – one visit daily

$20 – two visits daily

Includes up to two visits daily.  A half-day is when the first visit is 6 p.m. or later OR

when the last visit is no later than noon. Clients with a regular dog-walking schedule

pay a discounted rate of $30/$15, respectively, for full– or half–days.



• All fees paid in advance. Pet-sit payments due the first day service begins.

• Neighborhood Walks will be prorated only after 5 days

• An additional fee of 20.00 will be added to the monthly rate if the client lives beyond

   the 494/ 694 urban core.

• Please let us know as early as possible if you need to cancel.



Gift Certificates

Express your support and compassion to a friend or family member with a pet. Gift

certificates are available in any dollar amount and come with a free Urban Dog tote




We provide transportation to and from the vet and groomer. Fee is $15 for one way,

and $25 for both ways. We are not able to stay with your pet.